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This is our main Dallas Plexus Slim page on this site. Watch the video to learn about all the Plexus products. Call us for more information at the number listed below.

Ambassadors Wanted In Dallas Texas

Plexus Slim Dallas Texas

We are looking for people that want to have their own home business. If you would like to be a Plexus Ambassador contact us and we will help you get started in the business. You can get started in the business with business cards, magnetic car signs and a supply of products for less then $300. We also offer free delivery of Plexus products in Dallas and eastward to Rockwell where we live. If you would like to try Plexus before you join just call us. 

My name is Kristen and you can call me at 972-505-0737 to get more information about all of the Plexus Worldwide products.

Make money losing weight with Plexus Slim

Many people are making money while losing weight on Plexus Slim. It is one of the easiest business that I have been in. When people see you losing weight they will ask you what you are doing to lose weight. When you share your story with them they will usually want to try the product if they have weight to lose. The business is as easy as sharing your story and getting people to try the 3 day sample pack. Most people see weight loss in 3 days and then want to purchase a months supply or join and become an Independent Plexus Ambassador.

Plexus Slim the Pink Drink For Weight Loss

Plexus Slim is the one and only weight loss product that you will need to lose weight. If you have weight to lose and keep it off you will find that Plexus Slim is one of those products that can do this. If you want to speed up the weight loss process then you may consider adding the Plexus Accelerator capsules. Plexus Accelerator was made to use with Plexus Slim to jump start your weight loss.  Bio Cleanse and ProBio5 are also very popular products. It is always a good idea to talk with your physician prior to starting any kind of weight loss supplementation. 

Plexus Slim Ingredients

Pink Drink For Weight Loss

Plexus Slim Dallas Texas Pink Drink

With mostly all-natural ingredients you can take Plexus Slim on a regular schedule and have little worries of side effects as some of the other weight loss products on the market. Plexus Slim  consist of a mixture of proprietary wellness mix, citric acid, natural flavors, beet origin and grape skin draw out, Aplha lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid and Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside.

How to take Plexus Slim

The Plexus Slim drink is easy to take because it is easy to make and taste good. Just one Pink Drink a day takes the weight away. Just add the pink powder from one packet to 12 to 18 oz of water, then shake to mix and drink. The Slim drink is so easy to use. It can be taken while on the go, at work, at home or while you play. Just carry a small packet with you and use as needed. Plexus Slim Dallas Texas is looking for motivated people that want to earn an extra income from home. Call and let me explain how to make some extra money. A $1,000 in monthly sales can bring in an extra $200 to $300 every month. In some cases a little more or less depending on the type of sale. 

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